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If you or someone you know has been a victim of a car accident, you need a trusted attorney. Don’t waste your precious time and resources handling your case alone. You deserve quality representation, and that’s just what Attorney Jenaye Peterson provides. Your best interest is her top priority, and she fights to WIN! 

Whether major or minor, car accidents are inconvenient and can cause a high level of stress. Not only do they disrupt the regular pattern of your life; you miss work, stack up unexpected medical bills, and experience extreme pain and suffering. It seems almost inevitable to not worry when you have so many questions racing through your mind:

What do I do first?
How will I know what my case is worth?
What should I say to the insurance company?

The aftermath of an accident can be time-consuming and confusing to maneuver. When you handle your case alone, you cause additional stress and risk leaving money on the table.


That’s why it’s critical to have an attorney on your side who understands personal injury law and all the nuances that may arise; an attorney who can gauge the value of your claim and keep you informed while putting your mind at ease. When you work with Attorney Peterson, you have confidence in knowing that a passionate and dedicated expert is working on your behalf.

You can count on JM Law to deliver premier service from beginning to end. We have filed countless lawsuits on behalf of our clients and received favorable results. Our firm handles every case with diligence to ensure maximum compensation.

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